Perfection doesn’t exist


When I was younger I was obsessed with perfection. I was obsessed with the idea of perfection, I was obsessed with seeming perfect to others, I was obsessed with people that seemed perfect. 

This obsession came from a deep source inside myself; my own festering insecurities. To overcome my insecurities I had to realise one thing…

Perfect doesn’t exist. No one is perfect. You learn this when you grow up. Your parents aren’t perfect, your teachers aren’t perfect, the people you date aren’t perfect.

The crazy thing about perfection is that it’s incredibly subjective. What I think is “perfect” isn’t perfect to you, and vice versa. This is where society holds it’s power.

We need to embrace what makes us different. I think being different is beautiful, but I didn’t always. I wish I had the clarity and outlook on life back then as I do now. I would have spared myself so much heartache from beating myself down.

I challenge you, reading this to think about what you think perfect is, and then crush that idea. Think about what someone else thinks perfect is. Open your mind to that idea. Pass it on.

To someone else, you are perfect.

How do I stop thinking that I am on a lower level than my friends?
I am an awarded Visual Merchandiser, a certified Interior Designer and I’m bloody good at English (C1, Cambridge IELTS) yet I feel like I am nothing. I always scared to poke anyone to have a chat with. It’s really exhausting.

And then there are beautiful and talented people whom I would love to become friends with but I’m a 2 and they are a 10. You know what I’m saying?


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me: im taking a break from tumblr guys!! this website is toxic and bringing me down, i don’t know if I’ll be back but i love all of you :)

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I didn’t upload my other portrait paintings because they were a bit personal, but I’m back on track with the absolutely fabulous Mitch from the acapella group Pentatonix!  I hope to paint the other members of the group soon as well…but that might take a while to get all the reference pictures xD  The reference was a screenshot I took from their MV, which gave me very nostalgic feeling as I tried to catch a decent frame because it reminded me of the times I would draw from paused shots with VHS tapes xD 

 Anyway, I didn’t do Mitch justice, he looks so much cooler than what I was able to render~  Man, missing my last Monday portrait painting really had an impact- it took me a lot longer to get settled and it didn’t pull together until the last hour.  This one took 3 hours to do!  

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